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If weight loss and better health were simple, everyone would be thin and athletic, and move to Hollywood. If maintaining a proper weight were easy, Americans would not be compelled every New Years to make the same resolution that never lasts to Valentine’s Day.

about heart-health-diet.comInstead, America as a nation is constantly obsessed with weight loss, but do very little about it except spend billions of dollars each year on programs and supplements that “guarantee” you’ll lose 14 lbs, in 7 days. These programs may or may not be effective. But, if you think you’ll be getting into that wedding dress in a week from now, I’ve got a Cancun timeshare for cheap. Besides, will hubby appreciate it when a button explodes off your “honeymoon” shorts and bounces off his head?

Good health and weight loss cannot be found in a bottle, a group meeting, or the gym. How many sweating, overweight people do you see in the gym every day that never seem to lose a pound or an inch? Success will be lost or found between your ears, in Will and Skill Power.

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