blood type dietsBlood Type Diets is a theory of Peter J. Adamo who has authored “Eat Right for Your Type”. Adamo believes that blood type diets reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infections, and liver disease.

An individual inherits an ABO type from his or her parents and does not change it throughout life.

There are 4 distinct types of human blood: A, B, AB, and O; a result of alleles which are alternate forms or varieties of a gene. Few people know their own blood type today and no one did a century ago.

Blood type distribution patterns around the world are complex, and suggest a complicated evolutionary history for humans.

To paraphrase Mr. Adamo-

Type A, shared by about 21% of humans, is common to Europe. Ancestors here were farmers, therefore you should eat nuts, berries, grass =:), rose bushes, etc., but NO meat.

Type B, the rarest at about 16% of the population, is most common in central Asia. Ancestors here were nomads, therefore you should eat horses and camels.

Type O, shared by about 63% of humanity, is prevalent in the Americas. The ancestors of this group were hunters and gatherers, therefore you should eat buffalo and woolly mammoth.

Type AB has mixed ancestry, therefore you should be eating a combination of horses, camels, buffalo and woolly mammoth.

Blood type diets attempt to affect the body’s secretory performance in respect to digestive juices. Blood type O for instance is capable of producing higher than average stomach acid levels (to digest the horse shoes, of course), which could lead to a greater incidence of gastric ulcers. Coming up, “101 Ways To Wok Your Dog”.

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