body building ronnie colemanBody Building usually requires the use of weights to force blood into your muscles (pumping up), causing little tears in those muscles.

When this happens, your muscle tissues repair and rebuild themselves bigger and stronger than they were (if you allow ample resting time). This is why you never train the same muscle group two days in a row; if you do, you cut off the body building process.

As your muscles adapt to a given exercise resistance (weight), that resistance must be gradually increased to stimulate further gains.

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The key to strength, muscle development and body building is progressive resistance, also called “exercise progression,” or “the overload principle.” This is the gradual and continual addition of weight to the exercise over time, as the previous weights become too easy to lift, so that your muscles are continually forced to work harder and thus increase muscle strength, size, and tone.

An important point (absolute imperative) is to understand and overcome training plateaus.

Ideally, when body building, you always want to be going through a momentum phase in which you try something new to “shock” your muscles – forcing them to make gains. Without change or variation in your routine, you will usually come to a point in your training where you either get bored or stop seeing results.

An important element is how you “power-up” with a Body Building Diet.

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