cardinal healthCardinal Health Pharmaceuticals is one of the world’s largest providers of health care products and services. Cardinal Health has 50,000 employees in 22 countries on five continents. Fortune magazine ranks it the 23rd largest corporation in America. The company plays a vital role in developing and distributing the world’s newest health care technologies.

Cardinal takes custom orders from drug companies to make and package oral, topical and inhaled drugs in a variety of forms. The company makes sterile, injectable drugs in liquid and freeze dried formulations, and has several proprietary technologies, including soft gelatin capsules, and Zydis®, a technology that allows tablets to dissolve almost instantly on the tongue without the need for water.

Founded by Robert Walter in l971 as Cardinal Foods, Inc. – a food wholesaler; the company moved into drug wholesaling with the purchase of the Bailey Drug Company in 1979.

Since 2000 customers have been ordering from, the most extensive online catalog of health care products. Cardinal plans its Product Development Center, capable of delivering a drug from lab to commercialization and forms Vistant Corporation to apply Pyxis’ dispensing and logistic technologies beyond the health care market.

Cardinal Health, the once struggling food-distribution company, named for Ohio’s state bird, now owns Pyxis, Owen Healthcare, Medicine Shoppe, R.P. Sherer Corporation, Automated Liquid Packaging, PCI Services Inc., and Allegiance Corporation.

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