curve weight loss spinningCurve Weight Loss facilities are decidedly glamour free, open just seven hours a day, with no showers, massages or fruit smoothies. You walk in, follow the Curve Weight Loss drill and leave. Curve has broken through the perception that you have to be fit, coordinated and thin to go to a gym. And you will find more women in sweat pants than Spandex. Costs are an initiation fee of $40 to $70 and monthly rate of $29 to $49, depending on location.

Curves’ gyms are small, simple workout joints, often in strip malls, that cater to women who are over 30, overweight and have never worked out before. They offer only one health service: a tightly structured, 30-min. circuit-training workout on eight to 12 exercise machines. A recorded voice tells you when to move to the next machine.

An exerciser spends only 30 seconds at a station, then keeps her heart rate up by walking or jogging in place before moving to the next one. Because muscle weighs more than fat, Curves weight loss measures success in inches, not pounds lost.

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