detox diets green soupDetox Diets, proponents say, eliminate from the body toxins encountered in daily life – polluted air and water, hormones in some foods, and even harmful chemicals in cleaning products. The body ordinarily processes those toxins through the liver and kidneys.

Detox diets can last anywhere from one weekend to a whole month and are designed to eliminate this build-up of poisons from your body.

During the course of certain programs, the practitioner avoids animal products and dairy and goes vegan. Some programs even include abstaining from confrontation with others, billing itself as a holistic detox.

Another variant starts off on a plant-based diet, moves on to raw food and then goes on a blended liquid fast.

The blended liquid is a greenish concoction called “energy soup” consisting of pulverized alfalfa, barley grass, algae, herbs, enzymes,and antioxidants.

Many of these diets also encourage you to undergo “colonic irrigation,” (aka enema, which flushes out your rectum and colon using water), to “clean out” your colon. Other plans recommend herbal supplements to help the cleansing process.

For many purists, fasting (“water only”) is the way to go.

The word detoxification is usually associated with therapies that help people in getting over their addictions, and without a doubt, food, a necessity of life, can be an addiction too. Detox diets are means to purged the body of dietary impurities and enhance the over all health of the individual.

There are number of different ways in which you can adopt this diet. Eating fiber rich foods help in cleansing the body by eliminating the toxic waste through regular bowel movements.

Besides the obvious change in body shape, people often experience increased energy levels, improved digestion, clearer looking, radiant skin, and many other benefits from dieting. More importantly, as Americans become increasingly obese, they are faced with the scourge of diabetes and the associated blindness, amputations and organ failures.

Helpful hints to keep in mind when dieting –

Irritability, hunger and tiredness are possible side effects of any diet. However, these symptoms are easily remedied with three Big Macs and a half gallon of Breyer’s Rocky Road. The reduced carb intake will indeed rob you of energy and people do tend to get “grumpy” when they’re hungry.

Vegetarian detox diets lack certain nutrients that are generally found in animal food products. As a result, you should give special attention to protein and calcium. Soy beans are a great source of protein without the sugars (gas) or other beans.

A detox diet can be a great way to jump-start your weight loss, and rid your body of harmful impurities.

Your body will be slightly vulnerable while it clears itself out of toxic build-up. If the diet doesn’t come with a supplement, then consider picking up an anti-oxidant rich supplement. The anti-oxidants will help neutralize free radicals and support your immune system.

Prepare yourself, once the detox diet is done the real work begins. To avoid gaining your old weight back (or, yikes!, even more), determine that you will NEVER return to your old habits and diet.

We’re talking “Major Life Change” here! Jumping back into the Crispy Cremes and Cokes for breakfast will negate any of the good you did, plus it will help fill your body back up with chemicals and harmful impurities. Instead, focus on eating fresh produce, whole-grain bread products and lean proteins.

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