Home exercise equipmentExercise Equipment can be the key to your overall physical and mental health. A human’s need for physical exercise is hard-wired into his genes. All life is constantly active in the search for food and in the process of reproduction. Before the refrigerator and the disco, the need for constant activity was critical to the immediate survival of oneself as well as a continuing presence on the evolutionary path.

Chasing down dinner (and a mate), and running from a larger and hungrier threat (mate?) were part of everyday’s waking hours. The “savage’s” necessary toughness and resilience is a testament to the requirements of early man’s life.

But, not so today! I have a fridge in my bedroom next to my work station, so I don’t even have to leave my padded armchair, except when all the coffee and tea kick in (and, I’m working on a solution for that).

Sometimes, mesmerized by the computer screen, I check the clock and see that several hours have passed as I’ve sat in total and breathless Zen mode. Is my head growing larger as my body shrinks? Do I still have a pulse? Geez, I must have burned at least 10 or 15 calories. I must stop wasting all that energy!

Ok, here’s where the home gym equipment comes in. Virgo just hates neglecting their bodies, and while not as “action-oriented” as an Aries, they realize more than most that “the body is the temple of God” that requires a certain amount of attention. And, the gym is where my body remembers the “Cavewoman” in me.

I’ve been “kicked-out” of almost every gym I’ve every joined. I like to sweat, and after 2 hours of High-Intensity Aerobic Interval Training at 80-85% of my maximum heart rate (MHR), and searching for my anaerobic threshold (AT), everything and everyone around me is almost as soaked as I am. Hey, If it’s worth doing…

I am now completely exhausted. All the blood glucose in my body has been replaced by lactic acid, my muscles are quivering and everybody in the gym has either fled or is looking at me in disgust. I begin the clean-up, drying the exercise machine from the display (it says 2k calories) to the floor, then, I scrounge up a mop from the maid’s closet and swirl it around the lake that I have proudly created. I’m wasted, and “high” (the endorphins kicked-in at the hour mark). I feel great!

power stationYou get the picture. After sufficient complaints, the manager refunds my dues and tells me never to come back. I quickly ran out of gyms, so I bought my own VersaClimber, and a weight rack-power station (don’t even need a spotter), and set them up in the screened-in patio off my bedroom/office. I don’t even have to get dressed – just slip on the Nikes, and hose off the patio afterwards as I water my orchids. And, a bonus! I broke my workouts into 2 one-hour sessions (aerobics in the morning and body building in the evenings). That keeps the metabolism steadier and better controls insulin surges.

So, what’s the moral to the story? It’s this. A home gym lets me do my “thang” without interference. Muscles and bones stay heavy and strong, the brain loves the extra oxygen (not to mention all that stress up in smoke!), and the spirit needs the blessings of our creator by acknowledging the design of his most perfect machine. I don’t do it to lose weight. In fact, exercise has negligible affect on weight loss. To lose weight, your have to change your diet…forever! And last but not least, I save all those hours (and gas) to and from the gym – time that I can now spend uh…sitting in front of the monitor.

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