weight loss hypnosisWeight Loss Hypnosis relies on a relaxed, focused state of concentration. Many people turn to weight loss hypnosis when they begin to realize that they may be using food to satisfy an emotional need; to compensate for something they feel is missing in their lives. Food can be used to compensate for a lack of love, to offset fear, to overcome frustration, to deal with boredom, or sometimes even to avoid sex.

The brain enters a specific state during hypnosis. There is a change in the brain wave activity, similar to that time just before sleep when the alpha state is entered. Your brain’s waking state is a beta brain wave, just as you are going to sleep it changes to alpha and then to delta and theta in deep sleep.

The alpha state is a dreamy, pleasant state in which the mind is very open to visualizations and rich sensory experience. The more real the experience becomes in the subconscious mind during this state, the more effect it will have on your waking behavior.

Dieting never eliminates the subconscious need for excess food. For some, it just becomes a form of self-torture they go through, until they eventually give in to their subconscious desires. They may go up and down the scale continuously, never letting go of the desire to overeat.

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