health insurance companiesHealth Insurance Companies are corporations owned by shareholders of the firm. The shareholders hire managers to run the company and the product is sold to customers who may or may not be shareholders in the firm. Mutual insurers are health insurance companies owned by their customers. Any policy-owner of the company also owns a portion of the company.

Reciprocal insurers or reciprocal exchanges are health insurance companies in which policy-owners agree to insure one another. They are very similar to mutual companies. Lloyd’s associations are companies where the manager also has his/her own personal wealth at stake in the firm.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurers are typically non-profit (some may now be for-profit), community-oriented health providers. Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies typically offer traditional indemnity coverage.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are companies that provide comprehensive health care coverage to customers. HMOs essentially provide prepaid health care coverage. Once you pay your premium you can use the services of the HMO at little or no further cost to you.

Get in shape and get better insurance rates from health insurance companies. Twenty minutes of continuous aerobic activity 3 days per week is recommended for weight loss. Examples of physical activity that are considered aerobic are: walking, running, jogging, hiking, swimming, bike riding, rowing, cross country skiing, and jumping rope.

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