health insurance leadsHealth Insurance Leads are generated by pre-qualified inbound search engine traffic. Our health insurance leads are prospects who find us by actively searching for “health insurance” or “health insurance quotes“. Next, they must submit a formal request for a health insurance quote. Everyone understands their need for health insurance coverage, so an interested customer will be expecting your call.

Employers play an important role in this process because they are the most popular users for this system. It does not matter if they are doing small businesses or managing big companies because health insurance is always a must for everyone. Good employers definitely want to offer their employees good health insurance coverage. These are often some of the easiest and most lucrative policies to write. Group health insurance provides a guaranteed income to many health insurance agents.

It is necessary to make follow up calls to your potential customers. Some of them may be too busy to set an appointment with you, even though buying insurance is one of the items on their To-Do-List. Send them an email as a reminder and then follow with a phone call, if you really want the business.

Check out your prospects’ schedule and arrange an appointment with them straight away. You can always offer to meet at places that are convenient to your clients. Whenever you explain to your customers, the most important thing is to be confident. Study the products and provide accurate information to them. Gaining the prospects trust is the most important objective for any health insurance agent.

Unlike with other lead generating companies, you only pay when you have signed the agreement with your prospect. In effect we earn a commission on your success. We do not sell leads. The leads are based on the criteria that you, as an insurance professional pre-select.

As soon as a prospect completes our quote request form, the information is instantly filtered, sorted and delivered to you by email. The quote request is submitted to 1 to 4 insurers who offer the kinds of coverages the prospect is looking for. This is a WIN, WIN, WIN situation. If you are a health insurance company or agent searching for health insurance leads, sign up now.

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