lose weightThe most elementary way to Lose Weight is to count calories. That’s Dieting 101. But how many calories do you really have to burn or cut to see results? Simply trimming 500 calories each day will drop a pound a week (based on a 150-pound woman). Here are 21 easy weight loss tips to help you shed 50 pounds a year and improve your health.

  1. Grocery shop for 1 hour, put away the vittles, spend 2 hours cooking, set the table, and serve. Congrats! You’ve just burned an awesome 640 calories. Celebrate with a glass of Champagne (106 calories), and you’re still way ahead.
  2. Chew gum (sugarless) and tap your foot. Your skinnier friends are likely fidgeters, who burn off 350 calories a day just by being restless. For a few days, walk around (or jog) while you’re on the phone, or tap out a tune with your feet or hands. Dancing for 2 hours burns 500 calories.
  3. Back off the nuts, especially if they’re in a bag or big bowl. You’ll eat more from a bigger serving bowl, researchers say. Nuts with their heart-healthy fats, are also high in calories. One handful of oil-roasted mixed nuts has 175 calories. Hint: shelling nuts will slow you down. But calorie for calorie, nuts are less harmful than carbs, since fat doesn’t jack your insulin.
  4. Don’t eat in front of the TV (you’ll down 288 calories more, according to research). Eat at the table, and trade 1 hour of TV for a neighborhood stroll. Together, that’s 527 calories.
  5. Limit salad toppings. All those goodies on top of a healthy bunch of veggies or fruit can make them more calorie-laden than fettuccine Alfredo or lasagna. Caramelized nuts, bacon, croutons, cheese crumbles, avocado, dried fruit, and vinaigrettes add boucoup calories. Save 500 calories by having just one topping, adding lower-cal but flavorful items like roasted bell peppers, grilled onions, or mushrooms instead. Use half the dressing.
  6. Use smaller dishes. Swap your washtub cereal bowl for a soup cup. You’ll eat up to 25 percent less – and save 500 calories. Researchers say that you won’t feel any less full either, since it’s all in the mind’s eye.
  7. Skip the Whip. Or at least down size it. Dessert coffees can contain up to 670 calories extra, with large sizes, whole milk, syrups, and options like whipped cream. Can’t live without whipped cream? Try it on a demitasse of espresso (total of 30 calories), and you save 640 calories.
  8. Count your crackers and chips. You can’t eat just 1, and it’s far too tempting to finish the bag. Taking a chip-dive to the bottom of a 9-ounce bag is 1,260 calories (without the dip). Nibble 1 serving (15 chips) at 140 calories, and save 1,120 calories.
  9. Serve and Sit. Meals, with large platters and bowls of food in front of them, entice people to go for seconds and thirds. Fill plates before bringing them to the table and cut hundreds of calories. Leave the serving dishes in the kitchen and out of sight, too.
  10. Skinny up the Cocktails. Sugary fruit juices, syrups, sour mix,, and creamy additions turns booze into dessert. An “Mudslide” can have more than 800 calories. Order drinks mixed with tonic water, cranberry juice, club soda, or a squeeze of citrus. Go for distilled liquors straight-up or on the rocks, and you’ll save up to 800 calories.
  11. Eat less pasta. Although, 1 cup of pasta is just 220 calories, typical, dinner portions at restaurants are 4-5 times larger than that. That’s a whopping 1,056 calories. Eating 2 whole cups of noodles, will still save you 616 calories.
  12. Nix that Smoothie. A 32-ounce smoothie can have more than 800 calories. Several times a week of this on-the-go breakfast really packs on the pounds. A lower-calorie oatmeal with brown sugar and banana slices, and a cup of black coffee will save 518 calories.
  13. Beware hidden oils. Ask for your food cooked with a little stock instead of oil, or order poached or steamed entrees. You save 124 calories for each tablespoon of oil. Have the kitchen skip the flavored oils added at the last-minute like basil, sesame, chives, etc., and cut another 40 calories per teaspoon.
  14. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can make you snack, new research shows. People who got less than 6 hours of sleep snacked more during the day. Snooze more and save over 1,000 calories.
  15. Kick the soda habit. A 12-ounce soft drink has 150 to 200 calories. Downing two or three a day is lots of extra calories. Slack your thirst with water and save up to 600 calories.
  16. Eat 2 boiled or poached eggs for breakfast. You’ll feel fuller, longer and eat about 400 fewer calories the rest of the day.
  17. Start lunch and dinner with 1 cup of low-cal soup. You’ll eat over 134 calories less during each meal, and save almost 700 calories for the day.
  18. Forget the buttered movie popcorn. The large concession stand popcorn weighs in at over 1,000 calories. Smuggle in your own microwaved, 94% fat-free, and save over 700 calories.
  19. Listen to your jeans. Instead of letting your belt out a notch, pay attention to how full you’re feeling, and put down the fork when you’re tummy signals. Minding your body’s cues can save you up to 500 calories a day. The best weight loss exercise is pushing yourself away from the table.
  20. Drink sugar-free. Added fruit juices to a 20-ounce tea can add 400-plus calories. A 16-ounce bottle of naturally sweetened tea isn’t much better than soda with 180 calories. Three of those are 540 calories. Sugar-free sips save more than 400 calories.
  21. Check the number of servings in the can or dish. The calorie count on the content label may say 350 calories per serving, but what’s you’re actually looking at is 4 servings. Share it with three friends, and save 1,050 calories.

Although exercise is not as important as what (and how much) you eat for weight loss, there are many, undisputed benefits to being active, not the least of which is the extra oxygen it supplies to the brain. Diet as well as physical and mental exercise are the material trinity of a happier and healthier life.

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