obesityObesity is America’s #1 health care concern. Weight loss is probably one of our top three obsessions, along with sex and money. The three are intimately connected. Obesity contributes to many human illnesses, foremost among those are heart conditions and diabetes. Besides the physical devastation of the body, obesity destroys a person emotionally and psychologically. The sudden and profound improvement of one’s self-confidence after accomplishing their goal to lose weight is remarkable, and can hardly be compared to the other means of escapism that we often use to avoid and deny the mirror and the scales.

Weight loss is a preoccupation of millions of Americans who now realize that their very lives depend upon well managed weight, and regular exercise. Healthy weight loss usually begins with an attitude adjustment. What is crucial to understand is that “diets” don’t work, and only a change of lifestyle can insure continued success in our quest for optimum health.

Regardless what people SAY, fat is not beautiful, fat is deadly. And, especially in the “Thin is In” culture of the U.S. and the rest of the developed world, obesity leaves people with very distinct disadvantages in social and professional environments. This can produce profound (and often denied) emotional damage to an individual as witnessed by the epidemic of eating disorders even among our youngest children. Body image is critical to psychological health.

Eating right is plain and common sense. Americans are well educated to the benefits of proper diet and weight, but often a person’s will power, in the face of advertising and mass marketing, is no match for Madison Avenue’s campaigns that forever encourage us to consume more. Support and guidance are important elements in many people’s attempts to improve their health and fitness.

Join in the never-ending battles for the self-control that will help you lose weight, and stay physical fit and active. Everyone decides at some point that change is needed, some just decide a little earlier. On this site you can find inspiring, personal accounts of dramatic and life-changing accomplishments that began with a decision and a first step to combat obesity. Every journey begins somewhere, why not start yours here. The race is life-long but worth it, because the goal is your life and health. Back to the top of Obesity.

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