sexual health marilyn monroeWomens Sexual Health studies indicate that more women suffer from poor sex drive then men. In fact, approximately 58% of womens sexual health problems was simply a lack of sexual motivation, while only 27% of the men questioned had ever experienced poor sex drive or troubled arousal.

Factors like stress, diet, menopause, hormonal changes, parenting, age and other contributors make it easy to understand why so many women share this common problem.

Sex may go from something you do because you can’t keep your hands off each other, to free entertainment on a Friday night because there’s nothing better on TV.

Most of us assume that the sex we enjoy in the first, heady days of a relationship will be the best we can expect and it’s all downhill from then.

But here’s the good news. Womens sexual health can improve overtime, not worsen and it’s easy to bring the freshness and excitement back. In fact, the sort of sex enjoyed by a couple who’ve been together for some time can be far more exciting and adventurous than early-days sex.

The one big advantage an established couple have over a new partnership is that there’s a level of trust that makes it more comfortable to ask for something different and new, that might be embarrassing with a relative stranger.

Womens sexual health requires that you make an effort; go out of your way to consciously continue making romantic gestures and suggesting new approaches, it’s worth it.

The reason sex is so exciting in the first stages of a relationship is that you ‘psyche’ yourself up to enjoy it. Sexual arousal has more to do with what you hope and imagine is going to happen than what the two of you actually do when you get it together.

Womens sexual health expectation and anticipation can fuel love, lust, and longing so neither of you can miss. Because you’re primed for arousal and primed for satisfaction; the sex can be hurried and clumsy, or leisurely and expert – it doesn’t matter because it’s all exciting anyway.

sexual healthI have very little idea what I’m doing talking about healthy sex. And, maybe the world hasn’t really changed in the last few thousand years and we shouldn’t talk about such things.

But, then again, sex is going to happen, It’s got to happen. It’s our very survival. Although with in vitro, sex is no longer necessary; men are not quite superfluous (who was Jude Law’s character in AI?).

What prompted this post on sexual health was an article I just read about the “Sensitive Modern Man” holding his wife’s hand during child birth. I see nothing wrong with that and it’s so sweet. Then an article about how the Hiuchol indians of Mexico/Guatemala would tie rope around the husband’s testicles for the wife to yank on during labor. Hmm, the difference between a man’s and a woman’s point of view.

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