anna nicole smith weight lossThe Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss phenomenon of 80 pounds was attributed to either a liquid diet, she starved herself, was getting acupuncture, eating only pickles, had a rare disease, or TrimSpa weight loss pills. Of course, all that pales in significance to her tragic end.

An individual, Belkis La Rosa, on behalf of users in the state of California, filed a class action suit against the makers of TrimSpa, the weight loss supplement marketed by Anna Nicole Smith.

The suit alleged the company practiced false and misleading advertising of it’s weight loss plan. The suit also alleged TrimSpa replaced the banned Ephedra with Hoodia gordonii, another appetite suppressant. However, the plaintiffs alleged TrimSpa EF did not contain the component P57 in Hoodia gordonii that is responsible for appetite suppression – nor any other appetite suppressants. As such, the defendants engaged in false and misleading advertising by misrepresenting the ingredients, and the effects of TrimSpa EF.

The plaintiff asked for monetary damages and injunctive relief, as well as a halt against advertising the sale and use of Anna Nicole Smith weight loss TrimSpa EF.

Both sides agreed to a out-of-court Settlement of $1.00 (one dollar) per bottle to all persons who purchased the Anna Nicole Smith weight loss product in the United States for personal use and not for resale during the time period April 1, 2003 through October 31, 2006.

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