Weight Loss Diets are by definition “short-term” solutions. The key to weight loss is eat less – a lot less. Exercise alone won’t do it for you. Your BMR burns more calories everyday just sitting, than a gym ever could. But, to maintain the weight loss requires a lifestyle change.

People needing to lose weight and change their behaviors generally fall into one of three groups, either “I won’t”, “I can’t”, or “I don’t care”.

For those who fall into the “I won’t” category, who don’t think there is a problem, the best thing to do is to offer understanding that they are not ready right now and let them know that if they ever are ready, you would be happy to help them get the education and support they need.

Being judgmental or making them feel they are inadequate will only ruin your relationship with the ones you love.

strawberry tartFor those in the “I can’t” category, who are aware there is a problem but feel it is too big or hard to change, help them to recognize their barriers and to develop reasonable strategies — such as scheduling an appointment with a dietitian or other health professional — to move past those barriers.

The key, no matter what the category, is listening and empathy. So, hard as it may be, accept your loved ones without lecturing or constantly nagging them about their bad health habits and their need for weight loss.

Oh, and for the “I don’t cares”?…Five Big Macs

All Weight Loss Diets fail unless they Count Calories. A review of 107 studies did not find that weight loss programs cause weight loss, except when calorie intake was restricted.

Cut calories from protein, carbohydrates, or fat, but that’s impossible unless you’re Counting Calories. Most people don’t understand that fat has much greater volume than muscle. Losing just 10% of body fat dramatically affects body volume and shape.

marilyn monroe Celebrity Weight Loss Diets often end up in the mainstream as the latest fad.

Wayback in Marilyn’s day a full figure was the ideal, and she was widely and wildly acclaimed to have had the best figure in Hollywood. Apparently, lots of booze, barbiturates and little (or no) exercise worked for her.

Lately, “Heroin Chic”, purging, highly restricted calories, and hours with personal trainers have been the Mode du Jour. When all is said and done, “Count calories, stupid!”. And, exercise for that “toned bod”.

Angelina Jolie, the Superstar mother of six, has one of my favorite celebrity diets. She has eliminated cigarettes, alcohol, and sugar from her life; and eats steamed fish, beef, and vegetables, and drinks soya milk. Very healthy indeed, and she looks it.

The Catherine Zeta-Jones diet has lots of rules and regulations but surprisingly, champagne is allowed. You can’t eat starchy foods with high protein foods, which means you can’t eat pasta with meat, you can’t have ham on your sandwich, and you can’t have fruit on your cereal.

The Renee Zellweger (bless her heart) diet just cuts out all alcohol.

Then there’s the Kim Catrall eating plan, which claims to help restore a youthful-looking appearance, but you’ll be eating loads of fish, in fact three fish meals a day. So, after a week, you may be talking to dolphins.

The Jennifer Aniston diet includes eating lots of meat and cheese. There are some vegetables but a very limited range and there is no fruit, and no grains…, and Yikes no fibre! A typical Atkins Diet.

Kylie Minogue’s diet is one of the simplest. Drink plenty of water. (It helps you feel full and gives you exercise running to pee.)

Studies show that low GI (Glycaemic Index) foods such as whole grains, spaghetti, beans, meat, etc. can help you feel fuller for longer. As a result, you can end up eating less over the day which helps you lose weight.

Paula Abdul has always been pretty petite, but it seems the former “American Idol” judge has popped plenty of pounds since bowing out of the hit show in August.

The pop princess showed off a super, super slim body in a form-fitting long black dress that she could barely move in at the American Music Awards, recruiting an entourage of six to help hold her trail and scurry around the show.

Abdul insisted that her sudden weight loss was all in good health with no mention of post-‘Idol’ stress and trauma. “First and foremost I’ve had the ability to have time to have a schedule that allows me to take care of myself and dance and workout,” Abdul explained backstage. “It’s been great, but now I’m back to work.”

On the note of work, the 47-year-old remained pretty tight-lipped on her upcoming projects (apparently she gets to “wear a lot of hats” and be creative again), although she made it clear she has very much distanced herself from the musical franchise that made her a reality TV sensation. “Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Adam Lambert… I feel like a proud… a proud relative. I’m not going to do the mommy factor,” Abdul added. “It’s very exciting, the show really has allowed bonafide superstars to emerge.” And given the last few months of “Idol” controversy, it comes as no surprise that Abdul is looking for a little quiet time this holiday season. “I’m going to go away and throw the phone away,” she said.

Beyonce Knowles made a splash on Oprah with the Lemonade Detoxification Diet. Beyonce claims she lost 22 lbs in 10 days to prepare for her starring role in a new film.

Designed to flush your body of toxins, renew your immune system and at the same time, help you lose weight quickly, it’s a simple concoction of maple syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper. The fact that it’s a 3 or 10 day option is proof that it doesn’t work. Beyonce had the best booty in Hollywood before and she still does. This girl is just “Calor-rific”.

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